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soft and large breasts肥妇大bbwbbwbbwbbwbbwbbw

Chapter 2:Lysa Tully.A letter arrives for her and Maester Luwin brings it to her attention. She takes it and reads it in her room. It is an invitation to visit The vale for a festival and then onto a visit to the Riverlands. She would have loved to attend but now….?She lets her hand move down to stroke her bulging belly lovingly, her womb nurturing Jon's child. The "first of many" as Jon had told her fiercely. No doubt she would be spending most of her days in bed, whelping out Jon's offspring. Jon saw it as his punishment for her hate all his years growing up. Catelyn however found it far from evil.She would send Jon in her stead then. After all, there isn't much wrong he could do in the vale or the Riverlands.######################################Lysa Arryn cursed her sister's name. And then in the same breath blessed her. She didn't know which to do when her late sister's husband's bastard son rode into her own late husband's castle.Her first thought may have been to send him flying through the trap door in the ground near her throne and be done with it. Unfortunately that wasn't an option. The quiet young man had presented a letter from her sister that he would take her place.She however did not miss how those dark eyes moved to her firm breasts as she fed her dear sweet Robin. A shudder of lust past through her. Something that hadn't happened since Baelish was around. Perhaps he would be good for something after all.She wasn't unattractive after all. She shared the same flaming red tully hair and her body was still well curved and her womb fertile to give any new husband she chose heirs.And so when night fell and she dismissed her guards and servants, she called for Jon. And they retreated to her Rooms where she thought she would school a virgin in the arts of pleasure.She was very wrong.He had ripped off her dress, pushed her onto her bed, removed his own clothes and proceeded to fuck her through the night, making her scream in pleasure as he poured load after load into her cunt on her marriage bed, then making her send a servant girl at dawn to say she was feeling unwell to their maester but wouldn't need any medication as she was feeling grieved for her husband. After making sure her "Sweet Robin" would be cared for, she had returned to the bed where Jon used her most of the day to slake his lusts. He fucked her hard, pulling her by her red braided hair to him and kissing her passionately and possessively, making her cum and clench around his throbbing manhood. He marked her with his seed, her breasts and body smelling of his musk.At nightfall, he relented. The wolf within sated after marking its territory. He lay back on the bed contentedly as lysa lay a few metres below him, cleaning and nursing on his cock lovingly, drinking down any load that his full nuts sent up into her thirsty mouth and throat. Even waking up in the late night as he slept beneath the warm furs found her in the same position under the furs, still sucking his cock.When the festival ended and they travelled to the Riverlands, they stay in the castle of her old father, Hoster Tully.That is when Jon finally destroyed her pride and made her his completely. Like a ever vigilant wolf.He enters her rooms in the castle and rips of her clothing, her blue eyes on him as he pushes her to the bed and his lips found hers, her tongue eagerlySeeking his own. He parts from her and his mouth fonds her breasts, sucking on them and drinking down the milk meant for her firstborn, Jon's cock growing hard as he nurses on warm milk, the same milk that would soon nourish his own offspring, feed the heir that he would make lysa mother in her womb.He stood up then, removing his clothes and standing naked, the light from the hot and warming fireplace reflecting on his body as he stands and rips off a large, thick and soft Tully banner kept in her rooms. He lays it before the fireplace and brings her two it, laying her on her back near the warming flames and on her families banner.He takes the time to look at her. She had unbraided her hair and let it flow down like her sister, the fire lighting up her red locks magnificently as he prepared to take her as he had done two nights ago. His hands move over her firm, soft and large breasts, as large as a tavern wench's and filled with milk to feed the babies he would put in her. He would breed her with a bastard brat this night and many others after when she gave birth, put her hips and Tully fertility to good use. As for that piece of shit "Sweet Robin", the boy wouldn't be lasting a month as far as Jon was concerned. Without his Mother's milk, he would wither away. His mother would be too busy fucking his cock to notice.He moved forward on his knees and placed his engorged cock at her soft pussy lips. Slowly he pushed forward and watched his thick cock spread her tight pussy lips and slide inside her. Her pussy was hot and smooth, squeezing tight around his cock as he pushed deeper inside her curvaceous and mature body."Oh by the seven," she gasped, "your cock feels so big inside me. Oh fuck i can feel your whole thick cock. My sister sent me the greatest of presents and she didn't even know it. You really are a wolf." She moaned in pleasure.Smiling smugly, jon started to fuck her slowly, sliding his hard thick cock in and out of her wet pussy. He loved the feeling of his cock parting her pussy lips and then sliding up inside her velvety pussy with every stroke. Lysa was moaning like a whore in time to his thrusts as he continued to fuck her slowly with his hard cock. He played with her nipples on her breasts, pulling them and flicking them, exciting her further while his cock gradually picked up pace thrusting into her soft pussy. This extra stimulation set off Lysa's loud moaning again, and she arched her back and tried to push her pussy harder against him, eager to get more of his stiff cock inside her tight body. Judging by her noises and how she was calling out louder it seemed she was close to orgasm. Jon grinned and grabbed her hips and held her steady as he took charge, fucking harder into her slim body again and again without mercy."Oh BY THE SEVEN!!!!" she cried out loudly as he felt her hot pussy clamp around his cock, desperate to milk it of it's seed and her body moved involuntarily against him as she came. He pumped his hard cock into her hot pussy again and again to keep her at her peak as she shouted out loudly, her body writhing on the banner in pleasure.He pulled her to him, her lips parting obediently for his tongue as he kissed her deeply. Her eyes were dazed with lust and pleasure as he kissed her and she sucked on his tongue lovingly, unwilling to end the kiss. A few moments and he parted from her. It was time."I haven't cum yet, you red haired slut." He told her as her blue eyes widened. It was true. He had yet to release himself. He pushed her back on her back as he began slowly pushing in deeper, her whimpers of pleasure filling the air."I'm sure you know by now that I'm not leaving your home until i know you're carrying my brat inside you. I chose this day specifically. I'm sure you're at your most fertile right now and I'm going to put a bastard in your belly, you little Fish slut. It seems I've got a taste for mature Redhead widows who can't keep their legs closed and need a good breeding. By the time I'm done, my children will be ruling Winterfell and the Riverlands for a long time." He said smugly as Lisa felt him bottom out at her very cervix.Her pussy was quivering as another orgasm ripped through her body at his words of making her mother his bastard. Jon began to plunge into her with quick, short thrusts that stoked the fire in her womb, readying her for his seed. The muscles of her clutching cunt were rippling and contracting around his pounding cock, gripping him in an iron clench that sought his hot, thick and fertile jizz to put out the desire in her womb and get her with child. Jon continued to fuck her with even more force now, getting deeper with every plunge, battering her abused cervix insistently. He held the globes of herass in his two hands as he continued to batter her defenseless cunt. Her legs were dangling up in the air, wide apart as he rutted between her wide spread thighs and plowed away. His cock seemed even larger than before he made his pledge to breed her and he was reaching places no man had ever reached before. Not even Baelish or her late husband. The sounds of their bodies smacking together in heated passion filled the room as well as her cries of pleasure.It felt indescribable as his giant staff buried itself to the hilt on each drive and Lysa's hot ass cheeks were bouncing wildly in his hands. Her eyes were closed tightly as her traitorous cunt continued to spasm and clutch at his ravaging cock, determined to have his seed. Jon was thrusting in and out of her pussy with abandon, the Tully lady thrashing underneath him as another orgasm came closer and closer. Fire burned eagerly in her belly, making her feel like she was going to go insane. Jon felt his cock head hitting her cervix on each stroke, the entrance to her womb trying desperately to save her pride as a Tully and Lord's widow and refuse him entrance to her breeding chamber. Jon, however, had enough. The Tully whore would not deny him. He gave a quick, hard thrust and Lysa felt her last defence fall,av下页 blue eyes widening as her cervix opened and lovingly received half of his rod, shutting closed over it. He was in her womb."OH BY THE OLD GODS!!!!…" she screamed lost in her passion. Jon's cock passed through the entrance of her womb and she finally came."OH BY THE SEVEN!!!! I'M CUMMMIIINGGG!" If it was tight before, her mature cunt was like a vise now as her muscles squeezed his cock. Her pussy walls were spasming and gripping him so hard Jon knew that he could not last any longer. It felt like a thousand silk hands were squeezing and stroking him. He thrust deeply into the resistance of her spasming cunt, spreading Lysa's cunt walls fully. She was gasping and moaning. She was writhing in his hands as he fucked her hard, shimmying from side to side trying to feel every bit of his swollen tool."OH SEVEN!!!" She screamed, her intense pleasure overwhelming her need to be quiet. YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM YOU BASTARD!!! CUM! CUM! CUM INSIDE ME AND MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!!! SPILL YOUR SEED INSIDE ME AND MAKE ME BIRTH YOUR HEIRS!! MOTHER YOUR STARK PUPS!! WHELP YOUR BASTARDS!! JUST FUCKING CUM!!!"As Lysa came, his hands tightened on her ass, her rippling pussy squeezing him so tightly that he couldn't help but cum. Hot cum traveled up the length of his thick rod and gushed into her cum hungry pussy, increasing her pleasure as rope after rope of fertile and thick hot jism filled her womb. She writhed in his arms, screaming her ecstasy uncaring who in her Father's castle heard the Second Tully daughter allow herself to be bred by a bastard and came like and cursed like a common brothel slut."FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!" She cried as he unloaded several more thick shots of cum into her hot vagina."Ugh, That's right you red haired Fish Slut, Get a good taste of my cum in your womb and birth my brat." Jon said triumphantly.Cum spilled from her overworked cunt hole and dripped thickly and in large Globs onto the Tully banner, Covering the trout symbol messily, a daughter of the house debased and bred within their own castle by a Bastard. He stopped, covered in sweat and her thick juices, as he held her bucking ass in his hands. He pulled her up, holding her in his strong arms and bringing her to his heaving chest. Her undulating hole was skewered on his still thick and cumming column as her weight rested right on his cock. He pulled her by her fiery hair, kissing her dominantly, lysa opening her mouth tolovingly suck on his tongue as he ravaged her lips. He lay her back down on the banner with his weight atop of her, His cock jammed deep into her womb and her whole body covered by his own as she was kissed and her legs unconsciously wrapped around his waist. They were kissingravenously; her large breasts flatten against his strong chest and body, her nipples hard point of hot desire rubbing against his skin. His newly hardened cock jerked inside her wet, hot pussy, and Lysa moaned in appreciation. Her pussy spasmed around his pole in response. He moved off her, breaking the kiss and letting his cock slip off her defeated pussy. He watched as two of her fingers disappeared inside her cum filled cunt and came back out, glistening with a thick mix of his seed and her female juices. She brought the fingers to her mouth one at a time, and began to lick and suck them. Her hand dipped into her cunt again and again for more, his now mature Redhead slut addicted to his seed. She may have been unhinged as some said for feeding her son at the breast at his age but Jon didn't give a fuck. He would breed this Riverland slut till she could give no more and then use her to slake his lust whenever and wherever he pleased. His thick cock was now fully hard and looked very needy. She stared at it hungrily. Without another word, he slipped between her legs once more. He had to make sure she was pregnant of course.#######################################He ended staying 3 months in the vale, to make sure his seed truly took hold in her. She was nothing but a Tully bitch to him by then. Her son died, falling through the trapdoor in the throne room when nobody was watching. She had mourned for him in the morning of the funeral before being taken in her bedroom with her mourning clothes ripped of as Jon pounded her again and again.She was going to birth twins. Jon was well pleased by the news, taking her 5 times the day he received the news, marking her womb as his as he held her to him possessively.When her belly finally began to show, he grew even more hungry for sex, taking her for hours on end. There was no lying about the children's father in the vale, though many in the north and Riverlands didn't care, seeing it as a sign that the vale would have heirs. They seemed more interested in the death of the young boy king by poisoning, a sign of vengeance by the old gods. And as Tommen Baratheon took the throne, no one cared.Lysa didn't. All she did was let her bastard baseborn lover pull her by her fiery braids to his cock, her lips sealing over the length as she slurped and sucked for it's thick seed. She had had to take many a female Tully cousin into her household recently, Jon having gone back to the Riverlands to ravage the cunts of any Tully girls he could find. All had the classical flaming red hair, blue eyes and beauty of the Tully family, Jon taking great pleasure in making sure he left them ripe with his seed. 7 Tully girls soon joined Lysa in slaking Jon's Lusts at the vale, all devoted to their lover despite his well seen promiscuous ways. Afterwards he returned to Winterfell to once more remind Catelyn exactly who's child and future children she was bearing.Already her future children were made out as the heirs to the vale and Riverlands. Seeing as her and Catelyn's brother was shooting blanks, it was a sure thing.Soon Jon returned to Winterfell, leaving 8 redheads in Lysa's room with seed filled cunts and tired bodies as they lay together in the beds furs, Jon telling an exhausted lysa to send a raven as soon as they gave birth.He returned to Winterfell, back to his home and his firstborn heir's Tully mother, wondering who we take next.To be continued….



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