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flipped down her skirt粗大猛烈进出高潮免费视频

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flipped down her skirt粗大猛烈进出高潮免费视频

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit.Story Codes: mf, mf, mf, mmf, cream pie, exhib, inc, hand job, hp, grope, magic, oral, unif, voyHarry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 9 - Private Lessonsby Avatrek (avatrek@hotmail.com)Ronald Weasley was having the time of his life at Hogwarts in 1976.Not only had he met a group of friends that knew how to have a really good time, every girl he seemed to lay his eyes on was willing to drop to their knees and suck him off, even his own darling little sister Ginny.After a night and morning filled with sex, partying, and more sex, Ron was enjoying a well deserved breakfast with his new group of friends.So overcome with the distractions of Hogwarts of 1976, Ron didn't even notice the scuffle breaking out at the other side of the Great Hall."Fuck off Harry!" Hermione shouted at a bewildered Harry Potter, taking out her wand as she did so."You wanted me to be a whore!You just wanted me to be your whore!" She finished, sending a small stinging hex at him before turning tail and walking out of the hall.Half the boys, including Harry himself, watched her tight little heart shaped teenage ass bounce beneath her tiny little skirt as she departed.Finally noticing the disturbance in the hall, Ron looked up to see Harry looking dejected.He was just about to go over and see what was upsetting Harry so much when he felt a tap on his shoulder."Mr. Weatherly.I have decided to move our first private lesson to this evening."Said a sharp sounding voice behind him.Ron turned to see a smoking hot, younger version of the Minerva McGonagall he was used to.Barely 40 years old, but looking barely older than a 20 year old, the black haired professor of transfiguration was wearing plain long black robes.Beneath that however, Ron knew Professor McGonagall had the body of a supermodel."Be there promptly and be prepared for a very... hands-on... lesson," she finished slyly before ever so slightly, brushing the back of her hand against Ron's cock."Fuck mate!She's gonna eat you alive!" Sirius commented, laughing, a few seconds after Professor McGonagall had left."No kidding! As long as I get to eat her first I couldn't care less!" Ron replied with a smirk, imagining what the Transfiguration Professor looked liked completely naked.Sufficed to say, Ron had some difficulty staying focused throughout the day's lecture.He did see a brunette goddess that looked a hell of a lot like Hermione, on her knees in the middle of a hall, sucking off a very pleased looking Malfoy, but before he could be sure, Lily was whisking him off to the girls bathroom, where she slammed him against a bathroom stall and undid his buckle before he could even open his mouth."Lily!Couldn't even make it a day, could you?" Ron asked confidently as Lily dropped to her knees and pulled down his trousers and underwear before looking up to smile at him."I heard you had a private lesson with McGonagall tonight so I knew you wouldn't be able to participate in the trials tonight.That's why I decided to give you a taste right now so you wouldn't feel left out." She said, placing her hand on Ron's rapidly stiffening cock."Trials? You mean the Suck-Off League Trials for Gryffindor House James was telling me about?" Ron said incredulously.Clearly perturbed that he was gonna miss out on the festivities."That's tonig-- Unhhh" Ron moaned as Lily placed the tip of his hardening cock into her hot wet mouth."Yep! But don't worry.You'll have plenty of opportunities to have your cock sucked this year." Lily said, popping Ron's cock out of her mouth, and rubbing him off while she talked. "Besides, everyone says McGonagall's one hell of a good fuck.She only lets her favourites fuck that tight ass of hers though." Lily said with a grin before sliding his glistening cock back into her mouth and continuing with the amazing blowjob.It took her only a few minutes to have Ron breathing raggedly and ready to blow a massive load."Fuck Lily!I'm ready to blow baby!" Ron groaned as Lily gripped his balls and nearly sent him over the edge."Wanna cum on my ass Ronny?" Lily said with a little wink.Before Ron could even say yes, Lily had turned around on her hands and knees and flipped up her skirt to show off her beautiful and juicy teenage ass."Here, use my thong to help you cum baby!" She said, pulling off her tiny little thong and tossing it to Ron before sticking her ass straight up into the air at Ron and waiting for his hot load to splash against her skin."Fuck yeah!I love how much of a slut you are!"Ron said excitedly as he wrapped Lily's little red and gold thong around his cock and started jacking himself off to the beautiful sight in front of him.Lily Evans' tight but juicy pussy smiled up at him, just dripping wet and waiting for his hot load.Ron could barely contain himself as he stroked his cock a few more times and grunted in pleasure."Unghhhhh! Fucking take it!" He shouted, firing off 6 big loads of his hot sticky cum on to the crack of her luscious ass and tight little pussy.He watched his cum drip down her gorgeous behind as Lily moaned in pleasure at feeling the hot cum drip down her ass. "Next time we do this I'll be riding your cock like a cowgirl, cumming all over that big hard cock of yours baby!" Lily told him,无码专区—va亚洲v天堂 wiggling her ass one more time for Ron's amusement before turning around and cleaning his excess cum off his cock.She then promptly stood up, flipped down her skirt, gave Ron a wink and left Ron standing half naked in the girls bathroom with a dumbfounded look on his face and her soaked panties in his hand.Ron looked on to see her fine ass disappear out the door, with his cum still dripping down the inside of her thigh.The rest of the day was a blur for Ron.Before he realized it, he was back in the Great Hall eating his dinner and listening to James and Remus arguing about who make it onto the Gryffindor House Suck-Off League team."It's a given that Lily will be team captain!" Sirius chimed in, with nods of approval and agreement among all."Lily, Ginny, Luna, Mary Macdonald and probably that hot asian seventh year, Chi Ming." Peter told them confidently, having fantasized about each and every one of them at least once."That's a pretty solid list but there's a couple of younger girls coming up that can give one hell of a blowjob.Mary Macdonald may have her hands full with that tight little third year that sucked my dick on the Hogwarts Express." Sirius said, looking conflicted."We'll find out tonight either way.Everyone except for our buddy Ron here, who's gonna be balls deep in our dear Transfiguration Professor." James said laughing, slapping Ron on the shoulder."Don't be nervous little Ronny! It'll be the best experience of your life!" Sirius said wisely as he cleared his plate and stood up to leave."And you should be more worried about being late anyways.That lesson is going to start in a few minutes.""Shit! Gotta go!" Ron shouted, coming out of his daze and looking up at the giant clock.Ron ran through the hall, out up the staircase, blowing by a number of people without even acknowledging them.He nearly ran into the Transfiguration classroom door, but it opened just as he was sliding towards it."Precisely on time Mr. Weatherly!"McGonagall told him as he slid into her room and found the Professor standing behind her desk in her plain black robes."Yes Professor, "Ron mumbled as he collected himself and tried to regain his composure."Now our private lesson will involve practical transfiguration techniques and spells to help you catch up with rest of the sixth years."McGonagall told Ron as she stepped out from behind her desk with her wand out."First thing's first.I see that you have no experience with clothes transfiguration.We will have to remedy that!" "Yes Professor." Ron replied, pulling out his wand and practicing the wand movements and magical incantations McGonagall was teaching him. Before long, Ron had mastered the transfiguration spells and McGonagall urged him to try them on her own clothes. "Go ahead Mr. Weatherly.Let's see what you've learned."Ron waved his wand, said some incantations and transfigured Professor McGonagall's long black robes into a skimpy black thong and see-through sheer bra that emphasized her tight ass and firm round breasts.Ron could just make out her tiny dark red nipples through her bra."Top marks Mr. Weatherly!I can tell you were concentrating on the right thing while saying the incantations." She said as pointed at the rapidly growing bulge in his pants."But how do you imagine we can transfigure that big hard cock into this tight little ass?" McGonagall said as she turned around and pulled aside her little black thong to show him her tight asshole."Fuck that looks like a tight fit Professor!" Ron said in astonishment, wondering how the fuck he'd be able to fit his eight hard inches into that tight little hole."Well let's try the old fashion way, Mr. Weatherly." She told him, waving her wand once and removing both of their clothes in an instant."Holy fuck!You're hot as fuck Professor McGonagall!"Ron commented in awe as he took in McGonagall's tight body and felt his cock twinge."Impressive Mr. Weatherly!I haven't had a cock that large in me for quite some time."Dropping to her knees in front of him, Professor McGonagall took hold of Ron's rock hard cock by its base and nearly deep-throated the entire thing."Unhhh! Feels so good!" Ron groaned, nearly cumming instantly.McGonagall continued sliding his cock in and out of her hot wet mouth while Ron continued to stand there, doing everything he could not to cum."Where do you think the girls' Suck-Off League Team learns how to suck the best cock in all of Hogwarts." McGonagall told him before turning around on her hands and knees and presenting Ron with her tight little asshole. "Now let's see if that big cock needs any transfiguring to fit in my little asshole!" She told him, dropping to her elbows and getting ready to have her ass stretched to the limit.Ron couldn't believe his luck.Only a couple of days into the school term, he had become one of the most popular students, had his cock sucked multiple times, fucked his hot little sister more than once, and now was about to fuck the ass of the tightest assed Professor he had ever known."Ahhhhhhh!" Both Ron and McGonagall grunted at the exact same time as the head of Ron's cock pushed against her tight little asshole.Ron pushed with all his might, but her hole was so fucking tight, it just wasn't working.Knowing that he needed a little more lubricant to get the party started, Ron spat in his hand and lubricated McGonagall's asshole and his dick before slowing sliding the head of his cock into her, causing both of them a good deal of pain."Fuck Mr. Weatherly!Slam that fucking cock into me!" McGonagall shouted, thrusting her ass backwards and forcing Ron to slide most of his cock into her tight ass."This is so tight Professor!" Ron groaned as he slowly slid his cock in and out of her.Eventually Ron got a steady rhythm going and had his Transfiguration Professor moaning out his name in orgasm.After only a few minutes of fucking her extremely tight ass, Ron was ready to explode. "I'm fucking cumming Professor!" He shouted, slamming the full length of his cock into McGonagall, grabbing hold of her juicy ass and filling her ass up with an adult sized load of his hot sticky cum.He pumped load after load into the Transfiguration teacher, and before even finishing Ron had collapsed on top of the exhausted McGonagall."Top marks Mr. Weatherly." Professor McGonagall moaned as she slipped into unconsciousness with Ron on top of her back and his slowly deflating cock still inside of her.As his sticky load slowly leaked from Professor McGonagall's tight ass, Ron tried to remember a Transfiguration lesson that he had enjoyed so much."Definitely one of my favourite subjects." He mumbled before he too fell asleep to be found by a group of first years the next day.


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